Join us on March 4, 2017 for the Bhutan International Marathon and Half Marathon in one of the world’s most mysterious, beautiful and inaccessible countries.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is a land of high mountains and deep valleys where compassion and wisdom are the benchmark against which all things are measured, and where the King rules by ‘Gross National Happiness’.

On your 26.2 mile(42km) or 13.1 mile(21km) journey through stunning rural countryside and villages, before finishing at the historic Punakha Dzong, you’ll discover the geographical and cultural wonders of a country naturally designed to be a tantalizing destination for adventure and spiritual seekers.

100% of the profits made through this event will support Bhutan’s Youth and Olympic Sports programs. Come for the event, and stay for the travel experience of a lifetime.

2017 marathon special event

In cooperation with the Sister Marathon Peace Initiative, the 2017 Bhutan International Marathon is proud to announce a once-in-a-lifetime running retreat the week of March 1-7.

The 6 night 7 day retreat features a diverse group of Bhutanese officials and spiritual leaders, and international runners, guest speakers and coaches who intend to bring fresh, new dialogues into each others lives.

In Buddhism, Karma refers to the sum of a person’s actions, work or deeds. It also refers to the principle of causality where intent and action of an individual influence the future of that individual and others. Good intent and good deed contribute to good Karma and future happiness.

We invite you to run, seek and dialogue with us in the magical Kingdom of Bhutan at our 2017 Retreat.

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