Bhutan International Marathon or Half Marathon Training Package

  • TRAIN WITH AN EXPERT: 16-Week Marathon Training or 12-Week Half Marathon Training packages for this event are designed by Terri Schneider, endurance athlete, coach, leader of Expedition Bhutan and sponsor of and advisor to the Bhutan International Marathon
  • SUPPORT SPORT DEVELOPMENT IN BHUTAN: Proceeds from the purchase of your 16-Week Marathon Training or 12-Week Half Marathon Training packages, will directly support Youth and Olympic sport programs in Bhutan

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Once you purchase your package, you will be prompted via email to select your Training Program level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Once you select a level you’ll be sent your Training Package information via email. Click HERE for information on an all inclusive Travel and Training Package for the BIM and offered by Terri Schneider.

About Your Coach

With her unprecedented athletic and academic background Terri Schneider is one of the most experienced and diverse endurance coaches in the world. She understands that a successful training regimen must be done with consistency and the right amount of intensity at the appropriate time. As an athlete most likely juggling a full-time job, family commitments, and personal sanity, the task of planning your own training program can be overwhelming and, at times, distract you from your actual training. This training program will guide you to the start line of the Bhutan International Marathon, ready to take on this unique event.
As an addition to her extensive international racing resume, Terri spent 2 months traversing Bhutan, trekking and mountain biking, in the Fall of 2011 leading Expedition Bhutan while making a film of their journey. In 2012 and 2013 she lived in Bhutan for an additional few months volunteering with the Bhutan Olympic Committee (BOC), while helping them create this event and other programs for the BOC. Terri knows the people, the event and the country intimately and she is deeply committed to supporting the growth of sport in this very special country. She has created a Training Package that will get you to the start line ready to take on this event, and while supporting sports in Bhutan.

Contact Terri with questions on the Training or combined Training and Travel Package.

Complete Travel and Training Package

Terri is also offering a Complete Travel and Training Package for this event that showcases the beauty and cultural intrigue of western Bhutan, while offering additional adventure options for those wanting a bit more of a physical challenge. Your Complete Travel and Training Package includes the 16-Week or 12-Week Training Package for this event, as well as MANY other perks unique to this Travel Package.

This one-of-a-kind Travel and Training package is only available through Terri Schneider with proceeds directly given to BOC programs. Come for the race while supporting youth sports in Bhutan, and stay for the cultural adventure of a life time.